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                     CHRISTIAN S - BASS / VOCALS / FX                                 JONATHAN S - DRUMS                                       FLORIAN S - GUITAR / FX


LEADEN FUMES is a down-tuned heavy doom band arisen from the ashes of PHASED, the cult stoner-doom band singer and bassist Christian S formed way back in 1997. Phased, Switzerland's first stoner band and the only Swiss band to sign to Elektrohasch, released four acclaimed albums between 2001 & 2016 and played Stoned From The Underground, Up In Smoke, Rock Altitude and other festivals supporting bands such as: Neurosis, Mastodon, High On Fire, Spirit Caravan, Orange Goblin, etc.With LEADEN FUMES, two members of that group reconvene to wreak fresh mayhem. Switching from guitar to bass, Christian S is giving LEADEN FUMES the ultra low-end spark, while guitarist Florian S is responsible for the spacey high-end part and drummer Jonathan S completes the line-up as the master of tricky wicked rhythms.

In 2017 the band recorded and self-released a four song demo-CD and played their debut show at the legendary local venue "Hirscheneck". In 2018 they played a local festival (Souterrain Festivität), headlined a metal-night in Zürich and played their first ever shows in Germany at Low Frequency Assault and Deep Sound City Festival. They also supported two bands who were playing at Roadburn that year: SYK (Italy) and Greenmachine (Japan).

This autumn will see them head to Würzburg, Germany to play with Elder. After that the band will hole up in their practice room/studio to record a whole album...